Core Topic: 社会关系


Core Topic: Social relationships

人们作为社区成员如何以个人和群体身份相互交往和接物处事。How people interrelate and behave—as members of a community, individually and in groups.

可能涉及到的方面:Possible aspects to cover:

• 庆典、社会事件和宗教事件 celebrations, social and religious events
教育制度 educational system学汉语
• 语言和文化认同或自我认同 language and cultural identity, or self-identity
• 语言优势 linguistic dominance
• 少数民族 minorities
• 多语教育 multilingualism
• 民族主义、爱国主义、狂热 nationalism, patriotism, fanaticism
关系(友谊、工作、家庭)relationships (friendship, work, family)
• 社会结构和/或政治结构 social and/or political structures
• 社交行为举止和姿态风范 social behaviours and stances
• 社会禁忌以及社会接受程度 taboos versus what is socially acceptable


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